Monday, May 11, 2015

Updates and Things

February is when I last posted.

I said I'd check in and tell you how the Novel Fair went. Didn't I?

Well, yes, dear reader, I appeared to have lied to you. If it makes you feel any better, I am ashamed. But I have reasons, lots of lovely, plausible, understandable reasons...

We'll get to them, in good time.

So, how did the Novel Fair go? Hmm. Two answers - the actual day itself was one of  the most memorable, intense, overwhelming, brilliant days of my life. This brilliant little video from the Irish Writers Centre give you a pretty good idea of how it all went. I'm the one talking with my hands a lot.

Second answer - have I gotten a giant twenty figure book deal yet? No, not quite. The wheels turn slowly in this business. But I haven't not got a twenty figure book deal either :) There is possible potential for interesting things to happen... and I will keep you posted if anything develops from this possible potential ...

And now, why have I been so quiet. One word really. College. Quite annoyingly the slacker student I was in my youth is long gone. Maybe she's still propping up the student bar, carousing till the early hours. In her place, a single-minded phoenix, has emerged. Hardworking and driven. I prefer the former. She was much more fun. This student version of myself, determined to be the best in the class. Willing to work into the wee hours. Every. Single. Night. She's annoying. And hard work. I don't really like her that much. She's making me very tired! And why? What has she to prove?!!

But, we're done now. Finito. And its time to put my writerly the back one. The little doohicky at the top left of this blog that tracks my word count. The one that showed me finished with The Dead Ringer? Well, I'm setting it to zero. And a new one begins. Am I completely mad? Probably. I'll keep you up to date.

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