Friday, May 18, 2012

Goodness it's been manic around here lately. The laptop has been scowling at me lately, it's keys surly.

But I've been busy, out there, in the real world

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sweet and Sour Christening

April 10th!!! I last posted April 10th!!! Christ! It just gets worse.

I am still alive!

I am not a number.


Everyone, check your blog comments, cause I finally got to look at them and have a read. And yes, I am blogging at ten to one in the morning. I was falling asleep at 7pm, but obviously someone mixed up the caff with the decaff again, so here I am!

I just wrote half a poem about breastfeeding, but it seems rather graphic and inappropriate, so I won't post that.

Lets see, what else? Hmm..

Well, I won a competition today. Sure there were only two of us in the hat and it required no skill on my part at all, but hey, a wins a win!

Any other news?

Oh yes, we finally got around to christening Baby Oub on Sunday. It was all fun in the church - but then we got back to the house and I suddenly turned into the personal servant of my thirty closet family members. I cooked, from scratch I might add, a meal of fried rice and sweet and sour chicken (I made the sauce even!) hotdogs for the kids (ok, I didn't make them from scratch. urgh, the very thought.) provided drinks, tea, five different desserts, fun, laughter, joy! Bah. I'm fecking shattered! And they didn't even have the decency not to finish everything, so I had no leftovers to feed the D'Oub babes for the rest of the week. Feckers.

But it was a special day. Unfortunately Baby Oub got her Christening mixed up with her Confirmation - ie confirmation making you an adult in the eyes of the church -so she'd been refusing to go to bed until after 10pm the last two nights. Or maybe the devil was exhausting her, and now he's gone she's a lot less tired...

Speaking of tired, I'm going to go off to sleep now.