Monday, November 2, 2015


Blogging. Does anyone even read blogs anymore? It’s all Twitter and Facebook and Instagram these days. But I still like the idea of blog, even if I’m not that diligent with posting. Like, how can you really, properly pontificate in 140 characters? I don’t want to apply a filter to my thoughts. And as for Facebook? What if you’re not my ‘friend’, you won’t get to see what brilliant things I have to say.

So blogging it is then.

But what to blog about. Well, I’m trying to write again. It’s hard. There are the kids, and the husband and the full time college course. And the need to sleep occasionally.

So, a plan.

The wonderful @abitinclined and I have decided we needed a plan. And brilliant creatures that we are, we have come up with one. We are to meet, once a week at The Orchard Café, in Celbridge, from about 11am.

And what shall we write about? This depends. Today, I am just writing this blog. But I also want to keep plugging away at the preparation of my totes brilliant new novel. But what about @abitinclined? We had a bit of discussion. What are our writing goals? I recounted how my novel, ‘The Dead Ringer’, picked as a finalist for the IWC Novel Fair, had started life as a piece of flash fiction. (300 words to 75,000!) And, my short story ‘Salt’, runner up in the RTE Guide/Penguin Ireland 2014 competion, also began as a 200 word musing. So, I set @abitinclined a challenge –

I folded up a number of bits of paper with a profession, a person, an emotion, an incident written on them. And then I wrote another set with the same criteria. Using these prompts, she is writing a flash piece! I can’t wait to see how it turns out. And I believe, if she’s happy with it, that she will post it to her blog

The idea is that the pair of us get writing. Every Monday we get something down on paper. And maybe it’s a little cheat of me this morning to just be writing about getting writing. But still. It’s a post, isn’t it?

Ps Come join us writing at the Orchard this November – it might not be quite NaNoWriMo, but we can call it NaWriSoMo (National Writing Something Month!)