Friday, April 12, 2013

Sketchy Details

Sketchbook365 challenge

I've been meaning for a while to join in with the fun on the Sketchbook365 challenge blog, but lacking the focus of most normal humans, I've only just got to it now. 

Usually I love a sketch challenge, but with this one, I found it more difficult to access my creative mojo - it was more like a creative dodo, as in, dead as a...

The Sketch!

So, here is the sketch the team at Sketckbook365 gave us this month ...

You agree, tricky. Cause, you don't want to just plonk down a house layout. You want to give it a personal twist. But the house image is so strong, that doing your own thing is challenging! 

I guess that's why it's called a challenge then.

So, I decided to just mess about with my messy scrappy stuff and see what happen... And here is my finished layout...

 The Layout!

Close Up

Below is a pictorial account of how the page came together! (Well, except for a few steps towards the end where my phone ran out of charge and I missed some pictures... but you're creative people, you can imagine those bits :)

The Process!

And ta da! the layout again :)

So, there we go, I've popped my sketchbook365 cherry ;) Hoped you liked it!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy New Year!! Er...

Isn't it dreadful. This is my first post of the year. And it's April!!

So, multiple choice quiz!

Question - What will Tríona's excuse be today for why she hasn't been blogging?

a) She'd been too busy crafting?

b) The weather's been so awful that the light has been so dreadful so no good pictures could be taken?

c) She's a busy mammy of four who is also, when she's not crafting, writing two books simultaneously and has an ulcer to nurse?

d) The dog ate her homework?

e) All of the above?

And yes, indeed, it is answer e!

Well, except we don't have a dog.

But I have managed to find one solution to the problems outlined above, I've fallen madly in love with Instagram. Take a picture, and sure, if the light isn't quite good enough for it to be a great photo, just apply a filter. Hey presto, a rubbish picture is suddenly interesting and arty. So you may notice that a lot of the pictures I'm going to upload today are of a quirky, square Instagram kind.

Canvases. I've become obsessed with creating multimedia canvases. I don't really have anywhere to put them, so perhaps I'll have to give my Etsy shop a proper go and see if anyone else would like them!

More multimedia fun! Dylusions sprays, modelling paste, stencils, pearlescent medium, bleach, acrylic paints. At least this one has a home with me (even if it is in the downstairs loo!)

More original artwork for the downstairs toilet! A poem by a friend of mine about how men don't change the loo roll. Well, it's a bit more sophisticated than that :) I've had a lot of fun creating the stamped and inked frame around the poem. It got the rare husband seal of approval too.

And no prize for quessing what colour the downstairs loo is painted...

Okie dokie. Well, that wasn't too hard - I've finally kicked off my 2013 blogging. I hope I'll be back soon to tell you all about a giant scrapping project I've been undertaking.

Talk soon!