Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Poetry Divas Do Lenny!

We were lucky Divas to be invited to read at the Leonard Cohen Festival held in Dublin this month :)
We all debuted special Lenny poems - all written for the occasion. See below for mine :) 

Mum and Lenny

Growing up my mother so loved Leonard Cohen.
I was sure that she must know him,
that he was some lost love of hers.
Or maybe an old college friend,
Who’d kept in touch all these years
Godfather perhaps to one of my brothers
And mum the same for either his son or his daughter
his face would feature in family photos
pictures of us all together

Lazy barbeques in the south of France.
Leonard in swimming trunks
My mother still young enough for a bikini
I called him Uncle Lenny and sat upon his knee
Though his craggy face made me shy.
Dad would get his fiddle out,
Leonard would sing. My mother dance.
A candid photo caught her staring, adoring
My father, bowing away for all he was worth,
In the middle, unaware or ignoring
(The (sexual) undercurrent.)

Days out at the park, picnics with the two families
Soggy egg sandwiches and tepid tea
Sheltering under large a Horse Chestnut tree as
It rained during the soft Irish summer
And Lenny would have had a haiku in a moment
Surprising us with 17 syllables of beauty, transforming
Damp disappointment into magic.

Once as a teenager on an unexpected half day
arriving home from school laden with books,
I found my mother and Uncle Lenny sitting on the sofa
mug of tea and digestives, in the middle of the day
Watching Murder She Wrote.
I stomped up to my room, but occasionally, called down, unexpectedly.

He came in the evening too, for boozy dinners
Beef wellington, prawns in Marie Rose sauce
And Dad laughed at his clever jokes
But his eyes never crinkled
Mum held back, tried not to touch Leonards hand across the
Rosewood table, ‘you’re so clever’, she’d say.
‘Oh, and ‘you too hon,’ to my Dad, patting his knee
Though not really looking at him.
Lenny’d leave at 1 in the morning, too much wine
On board and Dad would mutter ‘hallelujah’ as he
Shut the door.          

There was that funny time, when she embraced Buddhism, Meditation,
Emailed Leonard daily to share her enlightenment
Dad called the parish priest,
Together they scratched their chins
Been suspicious of this mumbo jumbo from the east
Ticked off a myriad of suspected sins

When I left for college, Uncle Lenny didn’t call around quite so much
The boozy dinners had dwindled
The holidays stopped
Old age swindling them of their youthful vim
But when I mention him to her now
The light hasn’t dimmed.
 She hums So Long Marianne
With a half-smile on her face
And tells me about the text from him last week.
And how he sends her
the odd naughty selfie on Snapchat
He is still ever the hep cat,
And she will never say the words,
But I know she loves him now
As much as she ever did.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Scrap Around The World (again)

It is the challenges that bring me back to my blog. I wish I had time to post here all the time. To tell you hilarious stories of my riotous family. All the weird and wonderful things I get up to. (Or rather our mundane humdrum life?)

But sadly, no. Not time for fun like that.

That said, I gave myself a few hours off tonight and decided to participate in this months Scrap Around the World challenge.

I normally HATE yellow, but as fate would have it my daughter has just gotten the present of a black and yellow dress and had her photo taken on Saturday in front of a black and yellow garden at this years Bloom in the Phoenix Park. I felt the scrappyverse was trying to tell me something.

So, here we are - the mood board


And my take on it - 

I hope you like it :)

See you next month I imagine!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

In The Mood (Board)

This is my first post of 2014. 

The 8th of April. Hard to believe. 

But I haven't been crafting. Not that I didn't want to, but I've been writing a book. It's a bucket list sorta thing. Maybe this book will bring me fame and riches, or maybe it'll sit in a drawer gathering dust forever more, I don't know. But I'm glad I'm doing it. The only downside is not having as much time for my other interests. 

I made a decision this week to step back a little from character formations and plot arcs and just do a bit of scrapping. I've been following the Scrap Around The World blog on Facebook and each month I've wanted to take part in their challenge. This month, I decide to just do it.


Here is the mood board they created this month from which we challengers are to draw inspiration. And as the blog isn't a specifically colour challenge blog, you can take your inspiration from any part of the board. As it turned out though, the colours happen to be complete faves of mine, so my layout ended up taking that as its inspiration.

I was in a mixed media mood when I sat down to put the layout together. I used to worry about what would happen if the scrapbooking industry declined to such an extent that we couldn't get our lovely patterned papers anymore (I know, over-dramatic much?!?) But for the last 12 months or so, at least half my layouts - like this one - are patterned paper free. I just messed about with my paints and pastes and inks.

So, here it is in all its glory :)

There you go. I am very happy with my page and I'm looking forward to next months mood board... or you know, I may even do another from this month's.

See you next time :)