Friday, October 12, 2012

Anyone out there?

Where is everyone?

It's gone all quiet around here!

Once there was a vibrant blogging community and now everyone seems quite quiet.

Is it cause you missed me? You only had to say.

It's ten to midnight, so, even if there were people still on their blogs they wouldn't see this, they'd be in their beds right now.

Well, I just don't care!

I'm going to scream and shout and just generally lept about here in a wanton and carefree manner!

Fa, la, la, la, la.

Ah alright, here's a poem I wrote recently....


It's kinda kinky
paying for pain
My Torquemada turns the screw
I've nothing to confess
but much to repent
turn the screw to
close the chink
where we let in doom
were seduced by the
pleasures of the flesh
And as he stretches and
prods and counts and cajoles
I succumb and picture
that butterfly sleeping
in it's adipose cocoon
and imagine soon, she
might perhaps
emerge, recover, bloom.


Rachel Fox said...

It has gone a bit quiet in our part of blogland hasn't it? Some folk are studying, some working too much, some on twitter, some gardening...

Nothing lasts forever I suppose. Great fun while it lasted... and it certainly got me through some of the "at home with bairns and desperately seeking people who don't just talk about washing powder/diets" years!


Domestic Oub said...

Busy lives I guess - which is understandable, it's what's kept me offline.

Nothing lasts forever... I know, but I just hate when lovely things end!

At least youre still there! And I'm going to try and get back.

A mini-revival :)

Niamh B said...

Lovely poem Oub, and yes, I miss people too, used to live in blogland for a good probably, 3 hours a day... a magical place it was too.

Domestic Oub said...

Less of the past tense!!! It's revival time missus! Get back on yet blog now! I insist!