Monday, February 15, 2016

Making Time...ha!

It's all about making time. That's what they say. If you rally want to write, you've just got to carve out the time. Get up at 6am. Scribble during your lunch break. Etc...etc.

But really, you can't actually make time. It's not possible. There are 24 hours in the day and nothing you do is ever going to change that.

And my 24 hours are very packed. There's college. And the kids. And a house to keep slightly tidy so social services don't visit and take the kids away (though that would free up a lot of time to write...) There is the husband who inexplicably likes to see me occasionally. I have friends. Well, I had friends...I do hope they'll still be there when life is less mad. And sleep. I do like to get more than 2 hours sleep a night. I'm lazy like that.

So, when to write? As I may have mentioned before, I have no college on a Monday, and I get to throw a few words on the page then. But not always. Because sometimes you just have to stop and take a rest. Before your body does that for you involuntarily.

Where else can I carve out some time? When I'm on the loo? When stopped at traffic lights? Don't go to bed one night a week?

Because the alternative is to just not write at all. And that is unthinkable.

While I may only produce a tiny word count of a handful of words a week, at least they are being produced. And maybe I do need to look again at my 24 hours and find the tiny gaps where words could be squeezed in. Just take a big breath in, suck in the guts, and slip those sentences through.

It can be done!

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